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High School Student Film
'After the Rain'

"Once, long ago, a reckless society destroyed itself..."

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After the Rain is currently in Production

**The Next Shooting Date is Sunday, December 2nd, 2001**

Wednesday, November 28th, 2001
Filming is scheduled for Sunday, but who knows if it will happen or not.  I would love to say yes, and it seems as though it certainly will happen, but you really can't tell...

Monday, November 19th, 2001
As people get busier, schedules change.  A prime example of this, unfortunately, is what has just happened with Julie Johnson, our lead actress.  Due to increased activity in the film industry in Vancouver, Julie is no longer able to commit to 'After the Rain'.  As unfortunate as this is, it's better that it happened now instead of more into the filming.  All we can say is that we're sorry, but we totally understand, and good luck!

When roles come up, they need to be filled however.  After extensive thought and auditions, we have cast Jenna Simonds the role of Caitlin.  Jenna brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we're totally and completely thrilled to have her!  A great big hello to Jenna!

Monday, November 5th, 2001
Things are going very slowly.  Filming has come to another stand still, as we await our huge shoot on the 24th.  This time we're going to start preparing a couple weeks in advance, instead of the night before - which can probably help to account for the lack of progress on previous shoots.  However, it isn't easy to juggle everybody's timetables, school work, social life, and a feature film.  Not easy, but not impossible. Work carries on...

Tuesday, October 30th, 2001
Filming was...interesting.  It was a learning day more than anything else, as only about 6 seconds got shot in about 7 hours.  Not too good, but then again, it was plenty of fun.  However, everything that could have gone wrong, did.  Definately a learning experience.

Friday, October 19th, 2001
It took about three weeks, but Production has finally begun!  The first day of shooting took place at Elk Lake and took a record amount of time to get completed.  Also, a required piece for the boom microphone wasn't brought, which forced us to ditch the boom mic and rely on the camera microphone.  It's yet to be seen how that worked out; it's very possible that we'll have to record voice overs at a later date.  However, everything else went very well. Next weekend is another day out at the lake, and we hope for weather like today. (Today's photos are soon to come)

Tuesday, October 16th, 2001
Not much to report, except that for various reason we have pushed back production almost a month now, which really isn't good.  However, we press on, and try to fit in rehersals every now and then.

Tuesday, October 9th, 2001
It's been a while since an update, as I have been away on holiday.  However, back to business now.  Shooting starts on October 13th now, which is better because most of us would have been away last Saturday, and we wouldn't have gotten much shot.  A cast read through is scheduled for Thursday, and we plan on testing all of our new equiptment at the same time, so it should be good.  That's all for now...

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